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Research Team

PathCase Research Team
From left to right:

Front Row: Z. Meral Ozsoyoglu, En Cheng, Xinjian Qi, Nicola Lai, Shi Qiao, Pinar Uskaner, A. Ercument Cicek and Gultekin Ozsoyoglu
Back Row: Yves Azzam, Murat Kurtcephe, Steve Johnson. Sarp A. Coskun and Lei Yang.

Click here to see the team photos of 2007 and 2010

PathCase Team

Faculty Graduate Students
  • Sharmila Syed, Ph.D. Student (EECS)
  • Eamon Johnson, Ph.D. Student (EECS)
  • Lei Yang, Ph.D. Student (EECS)
  • Shi Qiao, Ph.D. Student (EECS)
  • Ning Xia, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Bryan Marty, BS/MS Student (EECS)
Former Members
  • A. Ercument Cicek, Ph.D. Student (EECS), now at Carnegie Mellon University as a Lane Fellow.
  • Xinjian Qi, Ph.D. Student (EECS)
  • En Cheng, Ph.D. Student (EECS)
  • Murat Kurtcephe, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Yves Azzam, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Pinar Uskaner, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Sarp A. Coskun, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Steve Johnson, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Sami Alshalwi, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Gajendra Patel, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Rishiraj Jadeja, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Aysun Gokoglu, High School Student
  • Divya Babuji, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Eric Coopey, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Mitali Das, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Ali Cakmak, Postdoc/Ph.D. student (EECS), now Asst. Prof. at Istanbul Sehir University
  • Mustafa Kirac, Ph.D. Student (EECS), now at Oracle.
  • Brendan Elliott, Ph.D. Student (EECS), now at Microsoft.
  • Gokhan Yavas, Ph.D. Student (EECS)
  • Mark Johnson, Postdoc, SOM, CWRU
  • Ahmet Karaca, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Xu Han, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Arun Dsouza, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Yuan Wang, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Chirag Gupta, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Stephen Mayes, Masters student (EECS)
  • Suleyman Fatih Akgul, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Greg Strnad, Undergraduate Student (EECS)
  • Michael F. Starke, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Brandon Evans, Undergraduate Student (EECS)
  • Marc Reynolds, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Murat Tasan, Ph.D. Student (EECS), now at Harvard University, Postdoctoral Researcher.
  • Toshimori Kitami, Ph.D. Student (Genetics)
  • Sheila Ernest, Ph.D. Student (Genetics)
  • Lakshmi Krishnamurthy, Masters Student (EECS), founder of Interact Soft Inc. that has launched www.iCarpool.com in August 2006.
  • Venu Madhav Cheedella, Ph.D. Student (EECS)
  • Scott Newman, Masters Student (EECS), now at IBM.
  • Greg Schaeffer, Masters Student (EECS), now at IBM.
  • Maneesha Rede, Masters Student (EECS)
  • Wanhong Xu, Ph.D. Student (EECS)
  • Nattakarn Ratprasartpron, Ph.D. Student (EECS), now at Microsoft.
  • Christopher Parker, Undergraduate Student (EECS)
  • Yu Mei, Programmer
  • Baoxin Zhang, Masters Student, Programmer