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Licensing & Copyright

PathCase, PathCaseKEGG, PathCaseSB, and PathCaseMAW are academic research tools, and made available to the research and education community free of charge. We would be more than happy to share our knowledge with other researchers who could benefit from it. Please contact us at pathcase [at] case [dot] edu with your name, organization, and your request.

Please note that

  • PathCaseKEGG data is provided via a KEGG Academic Service Provider License Agreement governing the use of KEGG Data for the purpose of providing services based on KEGG Data. We cannot distribute (a) PathCase pathways database from KEGG as we are not licenced to do so (to download KEGG pathways data, please directly use the KEGG site), and (b) PathCase sample pathways database as this data is collected from and available in the literature.
  • PathCaseSB Systems Biology models data is provided via BioModels data source. Please read BioModels Copyright Notice governing the use of BioModels data.