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Welcome to PathCase Metabolomics Analysis Workbench

Welcome to Pathcase - Metabolomics Analysis Workbench. The menu bar to the left contains links to the main components of the website:

  • Metabolic pathway, reaction, and metabolite browsers
  • Powerful built-in queries
  • Steady-State Metabolic Network Dynamics Analysis (SMDA) Tool
  • PathCase-MAW Legacy Tools

The PathCase-MAW Database captures the multi-tissue/multi-compartment nature of the metabolic network and the architecture.
The data in PathCase-MAW Database is obtained from Metabolism at a glance By J. G. Salway and updated continuosly. As of now, it contains:

  • 26 Metabolic Pathways
  • 282 Biological Processes (Reactions)
  • 243 Basic Molecules