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Welcome to PathCase featuring Biocyc human pathways* (alpha version)

Welcome to the PathCase Metabolic Pathway Database System featuring Biocyc human pathways* (alpha version). The menu bar to the left contains links to the main components of the website, including biological pathway, process, and molecular entity browsers, keyword search, powerful built-in queries, gene ontology viewer, and an advanced query interface which enables users to dynamically costruct customized query interfaces. Furthermore, you can use BiopaxViz tool to upload and visualize your own pathways or pathways from other data sources. The Web Resources section includes links to online biological data sources related to pathways.

The database contains:

  • 229 Metabolic Pathways in 28 Categories
  • 686 Biological Processes
  • 625 Proteins
  • 0 Genes
  • 659 Basic Molecules
  • 0 Organism Groups
  • 1 Organisms

* Biocyc pathways were downloaded in November 2007.